The current and future West Toronto Railpath will create a 6.5 km long transportation corridor that connects to the downtown. The sloped site currently separating the abandoned rail spur from its adjacent intersection, is to become a new infrastructural interchange, connecting major transportation corridors and providing useful public space within a typically underutilized off-ramp condition. The project starts with analyzing the relationship between speed and human visual focus through a series of section analysis. 


Developed from the concept model, the design follows two principles: vertical elements and visual attraction in the “within the vision” part, and different ground patterning as the “flattened” speed indication in the “beyond the vision” part to separate different programs. The overall goal is to create a space that slows people down unintentionally, expanding their range of visual focus and letting them to enjoy the industrial aesthetics in the neighbourhood.

Toronto, Canada

Group Academic Project with Veny Adilia Puspasari (2018)

Advisor: Alissa North